Paul Freeman is a master story teller, a black historian, a lyricist, a musician and a poet. Paul Freeman also is a recording artist that has made his work available on print media, CDs, DVDs and Downloadable MP3 files.

Paul Freeman has created a Griot Character he uses tell stories of African origin. He is an active member of the Kuumba Story Tellers of Georgia. (see https://kuumbastorytellers.org/ https://kuumbastorytellers.org/ )

Additionally Mr. Freeman has created a slave character “UNCLE BUD” he uses to tell historical stories about America’s not so pleasant past.

Finally Paul puts on a suit and sings beautifully.

More importantly Paul Freeman wants students to realize the importance of both the spoken and written word. He wants to play a small part in the education of the Youth of this country.

One of Mr. Freeman’s objectives to captivate, entertain, educate and motivate my audience using spoken word, inflection, and enthusiasm. I use Story Telling, Poetry, Singing, Historical Portraits to accomplished this objective